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Kindle users who buy their books directly from Amazon and download them from the Kindle Store to their e-reader may not always want to read all their books, newspapers, and magazines on this device. Kindle Converter allows them to transform their DRM-protected AZW, KF8, and KFX books into PDF, MOBI, EPUB, Word, RTF, TXT, and HTML files that many other software and hardware e-readers can handle.

Kindle Converter is not a tool to circumvent your e-books’ DRM protection but to transfer them legally to another device. To guarantee that you have lawful access to those e-books, you’ll be asked to type in your Kindle Serial Number whenever you decide to transfer your books from your Kindle to your PC and from there to a different e-reader via Kindle Converter. The conversion process will certainly remove the file’s DRM protection, but that is a legal and necessary step required to enjoy your lawfully-acquired books on a different platform. You can convert a single book or your entire collection to the format of your choice. Regrettably, the option to convert different books into different formats in one single operation has not been implemented yet.

The conversion process is not a one-way street. Thus, you can convert books in any the formats supported (EPUB, PDF, Word, etc.) into MOBI so that you can read them on your Kindle. Actually, you can perform all kinds of e-book conversions between the formats supported and thus port your books and magazines to as many devices and platforms as you see fit.

The quality of the resulting files, both into and from Kindle-compatible formats, will largely depend on the level of compatibility between the formats involved. We all know how difficult it is to transform a PDF file into a perfect text-based document without losing bits of the original book (both in terms of content and layout) in the process, and in most cases the resulting Kindle file will turn out to be a set of images of the original PDF pages. Converting between text-based files, however, is usually a more rewarding experience, and MOBI files coming from Word, RTF, or EPUB, for instance, tend to produce good-to-excellent results.

The newest version of Kindle Converter shows problems converting the latest KFX Kindle e-books. You are referred to an earlier version to overcome this problem while support for KFX is being implemented. Other than this, the program works seamlessly and without further restrictions. The conversions are performed on an "as is" basis, without output settings that would help you have more control on the output. This is not a free tool, and it is not a cheap one unless you convert more than just a handful of Kindle books once in a blue moon. There are other options, both online and offline, that are either free or nearly free and that the occasional user will find worth exploring.

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  • Bulk conversion
  • Extracts books from your Kindle using your Kindle Serial Number
  • PDF conversión
  • Converts to EPUB


  • No multi-output conversion
  • Conversion from KFX requires you to downgrade to previous versions
  • No output settings available
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